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Based entirely on the words of those involved in the final phase of the Inquiry (which ended in November 2022) Grenfell: System Failure interrogates why the testing regime failed to warn of the danger of installing inflammable materials, why manufacturers promoted such products with no regard to safety, why government regulations ignored the dangers and were not updated, and why politicians failed to ensure proper oversight. Through the testimonies of bereaved residents, it explores how they were failed by the London Fire Brigade on the night and abandoned by the local authority in the chaos of the fire’s aftermath.

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Dates: Opening Night: 27 February 2023 Final Performance: 12 March 2023


Ron Cook Richard Millett QC
Shahzad Ali Hisam Chouciar
Nigel Betts Brian Martin
Madeleine Bowyer Deborah French
David Boyle Understudy
Nicholas Chambers Adrian Pargeter
Howard Crossley Eric Pickles
Sophie Duval Sarah Colwell
Derek Elroy Leslic Thomas QC
Sally Giles Kate Grange QC
Tanveer Ghani Imran Khan QC
David Michaels Andy Roe/Nick Hurd
Thomas Wheatley Sir Martin Moore-Bick

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