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The Autumn of Terror. 1888. When Polly is found brutally slaughtered in the slum warrens of Whitechapel, the world’s biggest manhunt begins and a legend is born. Jack the Ripper. As the killings continue, no woman is safe alone at night. At the height of the hysteria, music hall performer Julia narrowly escapes the clutches of the Ripper, and is forever changed by being the One Who Got Away. But Jack has one final horror to impart before disappearing into the fog forever… Halloween. 2023. As the streets of Whitechapel bristle with ghoulish glee, Jules finds the corpse of her best friend Maz, hidden under a black cape. On the night of the dead, something awakens in the old bones of Whitechapel. Something dark, something restless…

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Dates: First Preview: 26 October 2023 Final Performance: 11 November 2023