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A new dance performance with various bodies of air: helium balloons, a space hopper and a human being. The balloons are old and deflating, the hopper is full and firm and the human is a dyspraxic, dyslexic dancing woman. A performance of movement, object and speech, -ish explores the subjectivity of identity, disability and (in)visibility from the perspective of a dyspraxic choreographer who feels their invisible difference does not sit easily in the current, widely accepted notion of disability. It is a performance of real effort (and real chaos) which forms an unapologetic exploration of inbetween-ness that flourishes with, and thrives on, dys-function.

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Dates: Opening Night: 19 October 2018 Final Performance: 20 October 2018
Location: The Tramway, Glasgow

25 Albert Drive,


G41 2PE

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