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Imagine a bar owned by Love itself. Only people who are in Love are allowed in. A couple of young lovers enters the bar. After sultry musical and dance performances and after meeting many of the guests embodying different types of Love, the lovers realize that once someone enters the bar – once someone falls in Love – it is hard to get out of it because romantic Love can become addictive. “What is romantic Love?” Marjorie Murillo scriptwriter and Edoardo Tesio, scriptwriter and the artistic director of emergent New York City based Theater Company della Luna, asked this question to 40 people. The 40 responses were insane and wild and revealed a great deal about people’s perceptions of love. The company picked 9 and these formed the basis of the characters in the show. For example, ‘Obsession’ gave birth to Mania and Fisima, who share the same body, ‘Being in love with Love’ led to Agape, fuelled by societal pressure to find a partner. Love’s Concordia Bar makes an audience laugh at the absurdity of its characters and the world, while asking them how romantic love affects their life and how toxic that can be.Edinburgh Fringe Festival. C Aquila Studio (C Venues)

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Dates: First Preview: 31 July 2024 Final Performance: 25 August 2024
Location: The Fringe Office, Edinburgh




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