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Clothes. Cats. Counter-culture. Sheffield. 1989. Loveable, eccentric septuagenarian, Hilda, has run a second-hand clothes shop for decades. She does it to make money to feed 30 stray cats. One day, a journalist from the Guardian walks in… Join Hilda’s granddaughter for a solo show about family history subverting expectations. Step inside Hilda’s shop, a nostalgic world of old carrier bags, pools coupons and vintage clothes… presided over by an unlikely punk icon. Julie Flower presents a multi-character comedy drama about love, memories and the stories our clothes have to tell.Patter House – Snug. Venue 24

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Dates: First Preview: 31 July 2024 Final Performance: 26 August 2024
Location: Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh

Teviot Row House13 Bristo Square,



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