About This Show

Boys in the Buff is a musical revue about body image, diets, the gym, selfies, Botox, nip ‘n’ tucks, photo shopping and what we endure trying to look good. It’s a show about everybody for everybody!Diana and her boys sing, dance and tell stories about self-confidence, body image, and society’s unreasonably high expectations on our appearance. Building on their own self-esteem as they share personal stories they dare each other to reveal more of themselves as the evening progresses. With adult themes and an alternative to a traditional pantomime, this is the festive show to have some fun with your friends. You will leave with an enhanced self-worth, a song in your heart and a few laughs along the way. PLEASE NOTE DECEMBER 22ND IS A SPECIAL *CLOTHING OPTIONAL* PERFORMANCE FOR EVERYONE – INCLUDING THE AUDIENCE!Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This production takes place at C Arts – C Venues – C cubed. Venue 50

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Dates: First Preview: 02 August 2023 Final Performance: 27 August 2023