About This Show

This hilarious play is set in the summer of 1974 amid the berry fields of Kirriemuir, and follows a day in the life of four Dundee ‘nabblers’ (pickers) as they toil and graft under the watchful eye of the no-nonsense foreman Rab. In order to distract themselves from the hard work, they enter into uproarious bouts of raw working class humour where the language is as rough as a harlin wall. Each character is very unique and tells a story of the hard and colourful background of the streets where they live. However, will the day end in such cheery spirits? For anyone who ever hopped on a bus from the housing schemes of Dundee (or beyond for that matter), this is a play that will warm the hearts of ‘nostalgia’ while also bringing tears of laughter. This is a culture sadly long gone but ‘The Berries’ brings it all back just like it was yesterday.

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Dates: Opening Night: 01 November 2023 Final Performance: 04 November 2023