About This Show

This is a story about a girl. The story happened in a once upon a time, and in a once upon a place. The girl was called Rapunzel. Placed high up in a tower above the world and faced with the challenge of growing up, she is found alone, dreaming.

Join your spring panto favourites Wally, Dame Dolly and Fairy Tale as they embark on a quest to break an enchantment that keeps Rapunzel locked away in her tower… But the wicked sorceress Gothel has other plans for Rapunzel and her ever-lengthening hair! Will Rapunzel escape? Find out as Anton Benson Productions arrive in Darlington with their brand new hair-larlious pantomime adventure for 2023!

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Dates: One Night Only: 31 May 2023


Kerry Katona Mother Gothel
Dean Gaffney The Prince
Jamie and Chuck The Court Jesters
Phyl Harries Dame Dolly
Kate Salmon Fairy Tale