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“It is hard to think of the live-wire Johnny Ball as an 81 year old, so sharp is his mind and so keen is he on his favourite subject, Maths. Now his “Wonders Beyond Numbers” Theatre Show is delighting audiences, as he scampers through all things Mathematical. We guarantee not a single moment of maths boredom, as this master communicator and ex stand up comedian enthuses and inspires his audience, as he did for millions in his TV days.” In his TV career, Johnny wrote and presented 20 Series of unique TV Shows like “Think of a Number” and “Think Again.” But his Theatre Shows over 40 years began with 13 years of The Think of a Number Road Show, then 5 Stage Musicals in 10 years. Theatres will remember the immense school party business – including the year 2000, when “Tales of Maths and Legends” played to over 160,000 and his Millennium Dome Live Show, SOLD OUT for the entire year. Now – Johnny’s CURRENT One Man Show “Wonders Beyond Numbers” based on his book, has achieved remarkable success with Book Festival Family Audiences, where old fans and their kids enjoy a presentation of comedy, factual information and positive motivational messages for everyone. This NEW Theatre version includes musical numbers.

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Dates: One Night Only: 13 March 2021
Location: Lyceum Theatre, Crewe

Heath Street,



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