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Upon the death of her father, Princess Snow White has inherited the throne of Buryland. However, her wicked step-mother, Lady Lucretia, declares that Snow White is too young to lead and insists on serving as Queen until her step-daughter turns 21. Snow White is not sure she’s cut out to be Queen, she’s much more interested in fixing-up her prized Norton motorbike than ruling a kingdom. But Lucretia has been consulting her magic mirror, a strange and ancient family heirloom which can only speak the truth. The mirror warns Lucretia that Snow White is a threat to her plans to rule. So, on the morning of Snow’s 21st birthday, with the help of her accomplice Grumble, Lucretia attempts to kill the young princess. Unable to go through with her orders, Grumble sends Snow White into Bradfield Woods where she meets a troupe of disaffected and delinquent scouts who have their own vendetta against Lucretia and are hell-bent on reaping revenge. Can Snow White convince the scouts to give up their life of petty crime and help her in her hour of need? With the help of the fabulous Palace cleaner, Dusty Crevice, they form an unlikely team for an assault on the castle, to win back the crown and place the true heir on the throne.Gala performance Sun 3 Dec 14:00 (activities start at 13:00)

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Dates: First Preview: 24 November 2023 Final Performance: 14 January 2024
Location: Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Westgate Street,

Bury St Edmunds,

IP33 1QR

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Beth Tuckey Lady Lucretia
Craig Painting Dusty Crevice
Lara Lewis Snow White
Judi Dench Dame - the voice of the Magic Mirror
Zachary Pang Sir Nicholas
Philippa Carson Gladys the Groom
jLizzie Buckingham Corky the Corgi