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The story of the adult life of Jesus as he preaches, does miracles, ruffles the establishments feathers and finally is condemned to death.

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Dates: First Preview: 26 February 2024 Final Performance: 02 March 2024
Location: Churchill Theatre, Bromley

High Street,



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Julian Clary Herod - Manchester / Newcastle / Aberdeen / Glasgow / Liverpool/Bristol
Jad Habchi Caiaphas
Louise Francis Ensemble/Soul Singer
Francis Foreman Ensemble/Priest
Megan Bryony G Ensemble/Mob Leader
Joshua Hawkins Ensemble/Peter
Darius J James Ensemble/Priest
Cassandra Lee Ensemble/Soul Singer
Charlie McCullagh Ensemble/Alternate Jesus
Mia Musakambeva Ensemble/Soul Singer
Timothy Roberts Ensemble/Priest
Luke Street Ensemble/Simon/ Alternate Judas
Timo Tatzber Ensemble/Herod
Carla Bertran Swing/Dance Captain
Daniel Bowskill Swing/Fight Captain
Myla Carman On-Stage Swing
Christopher Tendai Swing/Resident Choreographer