Matilda musical movie: dream casting

Our wishlist of who we think ”could” be cast in the upcoming ”Matilda” movie – this is, of course, all idle speculation!

Melanie La Barrie, Oscar Isaac, Frankie Hayward and Tom Hiddleston
Melanie La Barrie, Oscar Isaac, Frankie Hayward and Tom Hiddleston
© Far Left and far right: Dan Wooller for WhatsOnStage, centre left: David Gordon
With the three lead cast members from the upcoming Matilda musical movie confirmed, we thought it was high time to revive our dream casting feature!

Emma Thompson will be Trunchbull alongside Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey and Alisha Weir in the titular role, but, flexing our imaginations, we've picked who we think would be fantastic choices for each of the other adult roles in the show.

Mr Wormwood – Oscar Isaac

The Star Wars star is one of those cool-as-a-cucumber actors that you know would love to indulge their slimier side – plus he's got both the singing chops and the awkward dance moves to suit the character to a t.

Mrs Wormwood – Catherine Zeta-Jones

We'll be honest, it was hard not to choose Helena Bonham-Carter for this, as she's literally done every musical movie in the last 20 years. But we'd also adore seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones back on the big screen in a musical, and where better than in the flamboyant role of Mrs Wormwood!

Mrs Phelps – Melanie La Barrie

Melanie La Barrie
Melanie La Barrie
© Dan Wooller for WhatsOnStage

Why try and fix something that could never ever be broken – bring back Melanie La Barrie for the film after the originating the role at the RSC in 2010!

The Acrobat – Francesca Hayward

Frankie Hayward
Frankie Hayward
© WhatsOnStage

Whatever your opinions on Cats (and there were a lot of them) one unquestionable thing was Frankie Hayward's dancing ability. We think she'd be the perfect fit for the tragic acrobat in Matilda.

The Escapologist – Dan Stevens

Alongside Hayward as the Acrobat is the ill-fated Escapologist, a stoic, tragic father figure who is mercilessly cut down. We'd love to see Dan Stevens, after his strong vocals in Beauty and the Beast, take on the part.

Rudolpho – Tom Hiddleston

Just imagine it – you're merrily trotting along through the film and then – wham – a toe-tapping Tom Hiddleston appears. The man has made no secret of being a massive dance-aholic so indulging his shape-throwing would be a hilarious way to bring one of Matilda's iconic characters to life.

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