Keira Knightley and Christopher Eccleston make our top pics of the week

A range of West End shows also marked their final performances this week

Keira Knightley got on the Hamilton bandwagon

— Alexzandra Sarmiento (@alexsarmie) December 30, 2017

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The Scottish play got underway

— The RSC (@TheRSC) January 3, 2018

Teddy had a right old knees up

— teddyuktour (@teddyuktour) December 29, 2017

Izuka Hoyle had Early and Mulligan over for NYE

— I Z U K A H O Y L E (@zukihoyle) January 1, 2018

Dreamgirls celebrated 2018

— Dreamgirls West End (@DreamgirlsLDN) January 1, 2018

We said au revoir to Romantics Anonymous

— Shakespeare's Globe (@The_Globe) January 3, 2018

And bid farewell to Follies

— National Theatre (@NationalTheatre) January 3, 2018

AND waved goodbye to An American in Paris

— Nicky Henshall (@Nickyhensh) January 4, 2018

— An American In Paris (@AmericanParisUK) January 4, 2018

— chris wheeldon (@chriswheeldon2) January 5, 2018

AND Stomp put its best foot forwards

— STOMP London (@StompLDN) January 4, 2018

Lauren Samuels had a special visitor while rehearsing

— heretic productions (@hereticprod) January 4, 2018

Marianne Elliott became a new level of legendary

— Elliott & Harper (@_elliottharper) December 30, 2017

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