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Five reasons to see Equus at Theatre Royal Stratford East

We asked English Touring Theatre producer James Quaife to give us five reasons to be excited for this infamous show at Stratford East

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A brand new production of Equus opens this month at Theatre Royal Stratford East, so we spoke to English Touring Theatre producer James Quaife to discover why this is an unmissable piece of theatre.

1. It's a rarely-performed masterpiece

Equus is not often performed. Opening at the National Theatre in 1973, there have only been a limited number of productions in London and around the UK at regional theatre. This is a rare chance to see the astonishing play performed in London at Theatre Royal Stratford East, prior to embarking on UK tour with English Touring Theatre. We are excited to be able to bring this production to so many audiences and venues across the country.

2. We're allowed to make changes!

One of the exciting things about this production is that the Shaffer Estate has allowed the creative team to move away from the original John Napier designers that were used in the original 1973 production at the National Theatre, and the 2007 revival in the West End. This has allowed the team to reimagine the play for 2019 and create something rather unique and bold that most likely has not been seen before. So if you think you know Equus, you're in for some surprises.

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3. Crafted by master director Ned Bennett

Ned Bennett is one of the most innovative and creative directors of the moment. His previous shows An Octoroon and Pomona were extraordinary and really challenged the way audiences respond and react to the work on stage.

4. It's a sensory treat

Georgia Lowe (designer), Jessica Hung Yun (lighting designer), Giles Thomas (composer and sound designer) and Shelley Maxwell (movement director) have created something very special and extremely unique that needs to be experienced live to be believed. It's a production that you truly don't want to miss out on.

5. It's based on a true story

Peter Shaffer based this haunting and thrilling story on a tale that was told to him while driving with a friend through the bleak countryside. They passed a stable and his friend was reminded on a crime that he heard about at a recent dinner party in London. He only knew of one detail of the crime and the conversation could have lasted only a minute – but it was enough to cause intense fascination from Peter.