The School for Scandal

Shakespeare North Playhouse|Joseph Marcell ,Garmon Rhys ,Ayesha Griffiths ,Emily-Jane McNeil ,Alex Phelps ,Lydea Perkins ,Tony Timberlake ,Guy Dennys |Tilted Wig,Malvern Theatres (in association with Theatre by the Lake),Sean Aydon,Sarah Beaton,Peter Small,Edward Lewis,Stephen Moynihan,Marc Watkins […]

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Shakespeare North Playhouse|Christine Macike ,Alice Proctor |Her Productions,Unseemly Women,Girl Gang Manchester […]

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All the Joy That You Can Wish

Shakespeare North Playhouse|Ben Gilbert,Millie Watson,Riana Duce,Georgia Barnett,Keddy Sutton|Shakespeare North Playhouse,Slung Low,Alan Lane,Joanna Resnick (Executive Producer of Slung Low),Heledd Rees,Oliver Senton (Lead Artist),Ben Gilbert,Terance Rae (SL Assistant),Matt Angove,Andrea Tynan […]

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