Stick Man

The Berry Theatre|Christopher Currie,Kate Malyon,Euan Wilson|Julia Donaldson,Scamp Theatre,Freckle Productions,Sally Cookson,Benji Bower,Katie Sykes,Elanor Higgins,Alex Higgins,Steve Mackie […]

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Not: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

The Berry Theatre|Christina Baston ,Lawrence Russell ,Rebecca McClay ,Wesley Griffith |Happy Idiot Productions (in association with WTM),Ben Simpson,Phil Eddolls,Happy Idiots Productions Ltd,Savage and Spies,Chloe Phillips (Integrated Audio Design),Happy Idiots Productions Ltd,Rekha Dosaj (accessibility),Dr Catherine Brown (script advisor),Joanna Carrick (production and writing),Feargus Woods Dunlop (production and touring) […]

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