Cirque – The Greatest Show

G-Live|Max Fox ,Christian Lee ,Jennifer Van Gool ,Thomas Barrandon ,Duo Eclipse ,Billy George ,Adam Boom ,Robbie Waugh ,Wesley Bromley ,Tori Murray ,Nikita Coulon ,Jamie Long ,Dione Hassell ,Shonagh Leatherbarrow ,Rhys Richards ,Stephen Strain ,Brogan Paris ,Liam Raven ,Megan Dawson ,Chris Travers |James Taylor,Max Fox,Lynsey Brown […]

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Bonnie and Clyde

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre||DLAP Group,Nick Winston,Philip Witcomb,Katy Richardson (musical supervision),John McDoniel (arrangement/orchestration),Zoe Spurr,Tom Marshall,Nina Dunn (video),Darren Ware (wigs),Jim Arnold (CDG – casting) […]

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Party Games!

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre|Matthew Cottle ,Debra Stephenson ,Natalie Dunne ,Krissi Bohn ,Jason Callender ,William Oxborrow |Joanna Read,Francis O’Connor,Chris Davey […]

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Alice at the Asylum

Electric Theatre|Manolis Emmanouel,Lydia Vie,David Furlong,Sevi Filippidou,Hades,Christiana Maycea|Theatre Lab Company,Anastasia Revi,Hades,Lisa Lach-Nielsen,Yiannis Katsaris (and photography),Martina Reynolds (production) […]

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The School for Scandal

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre|Joseph Marcell ,Garmon Rhys ,Ayesha Griffiths ,Emily-Jane McNeil ,Alex Phelps ,Lydea Perkins ,Tony Timberlake ,Guy Dennys |Tilted Wig,Malvern Theatres (in association with Theatre by the Lake),Sean Aydon,Sarah Beaton,Peter Small,Edward Lewis,Stephen Moynihan,Marc Watkins […]

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