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Immersive theatre show Variant 31 postpones opening to September 2019

The show will eventually take place in the tailor-made immersive theatre venue Space 18

Variant 31

Immersive "survival experience" show Variant 31 has delayed its opening to September, it has been confirmed by the show's creator.

The 90-minute action game adventure, which was scheduled to open in the middle of April, will now begin performances on 1 September and is booking until the end of December 2019.

Speaking about the postponement the show's creator Dalton Dale said: "We have made the decision to postpone the opening of the production so that we may ensure the entirety of the experience exceeds the highest possible standard.

"For over two years Variant 31 has been in development, and every element from the groundbreaking technology, score, costumes, special effects, creatures, and the purpose-built venue are never before seen. Each element is custom crafted for us by industry leading artists from around the world. With all of these unique components, it takes a great deal of care and effort to ensure they each function in perfect harmony."

The piece sees a whole bunch of "reanimated cadavers" go on the warpath and audiences have to escape before being captured (the show's tagline is "Aim for the Head"). Punters are advised to work in groups to solve challenges, using wearable technology for novel experiences.

The production will feature a cast of 150, and will take place at the new immersive and experiential theatre venue Space 18 in the West End.

Variant 31 ticket holders are advised to contact their point of sale.