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Five reasons to see new comedy musical Operation Mincemeat at New Diorama Theatre

We asked Spit Lip for five reasons not to miss the brand new musical at the New Diorama Theatre

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Did you know that in World War II a crack team was assembled for a secret mission: to use a stolen corpse to try and outwit Hitler himself? Good old The Past, eh? Everything was allowed back then.

The mission was called "Operation Mincemeat", and it involved everything from a twisted coroner, an insect-loving underdog, a celebrity witness who believed he could smell murder and a surprise American pilot who nearly ruined everything. And Ian Fleming. We always forget about Ian Fleming.

Sounds too mad to be true? Well luckily, there's a brand new comedy musical all about it at New Diorama Theatre — and it's running right now.

So, why else should you see it (apart from the whole singing and dancing stolen corpse thing, which frankly, should be more than enough):

1. It's officially a five star show

We'll start with The Big One. WhatsOnStage critic Alex Wood awarded us five stars in his review. According to Alex, we 'glow with theatrical invention and deliver laughs by the gallon'. So, if you like your laughs by the gallon you know where to find us. In Alex's words 'unmissable'. Thanks Alex. We always knew you loved mad corpses.

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2. Tunes that will blast your (murder-smelling) noses off

We are Spit Lip, a new company dedicated to the noble mission of creating modern comedy musicals with genre-destroying contemporary soundtracks. Operation Mincemeat is packed full of original songs from glam rock to jazz via RnB and back again. Why stick to one genre when you can cherry pick the best bits from all of them? You can listen to a few of the songs on SoundCloud for free. We've held some back because, you know, spoilers.

3. It's all mad and it's all true

It's a mad story. Some bits are so unbelievable that we had to leave them out. Google "Ewen Montagu Whale cheese" if you dare. There's not a single made up character in this musical, and they are all, without fail, completely insane. Did they do quite as much singing in real life? Sadly it's impossible to know for sure, but we've chosen to believe that yes, yes they did.

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4. Awards! We love em!

We're all impressed by the word "awards", right? Well we've been nominated for some! We were delighted to find out our mad, murder-smelling, insect-loving, corpse-floating, disaster-averting, gin-drinking show has been nominated for four Off-West End Awards, including Best New Musical, Best Ensemble and Best Musical Direction. What more do you damn people want?

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5. Support new British musicals!

We've heard the cries for bold, new experimental British musicals and we're going to deliver by the gallon. We're delighted that Operation Mincemeat song "Dead in the Water" is a finalist for the Stiles and Drewe Best New Song Award and we've been invited to New York for the Rhinebeck Writers Retreat to continue developing the show. Thanks New York! Thanks Stiles and Drewe! Thanks again Ian Fleming!