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Five gorgeous reasons to fall in love with Amour at Charing Cross Theatre

We find out why this magical musical, enchanting audiences until 8 June, is unmissable

© Scott Rylander
Amour tells the story of shy Dusoleil, eternally working and always unlucky in love, until he suddenly discovers he can walk through walls and becomes a modern Robin Hood. But can he woo the love of his life who is locked away by her controlling husband?

Michel Legrand's 'good for the soul' musical currently plays at the Charing Cross Theatre, with performances running until 8 June. As it continues to enchant audiences, we find out five reasons that it is completely unmissable.

1. The magical music

With music composed by the legendary Michel Legrand, who sadly passed away earlier this year, this show transports you to 1950s Paris through the power of the score. Not only is the music beautiful, but it is also played live by a small and powerful band conducted by Jordan Li-Smith — it's truly enchanting.

2. The amazing visuals

The unique setting of the stage in traverse means that the audience sit at both ends of the stage. Don't worry about feeling left out though, as the Hannah Chissick's direction makes sure there is plenty of show to entertain everyone at both ends of the stage. Rob Halliday's lighting prowess makes Dusoleil's tale come to life right before your eyes and truly brings the minimalist set to life, almost like a film.

© Scott Rylander

3. The hilarious lyrics

Although the lyrics were originally written in French by Didier Van Cauwelaert, the translation by Jeremy Sams retains all the cheeky and funny rhymes and jokes. Jeremy even sat down with Legrand himself to create the English version! Some fantastic rhymes, and a few wonderful puns, give the whole show a delightful comic twist with a few gloriously risqué jokes that are sure to make you giggle.

© Scott Rylander

4. The fairy tale story

A captivating story of love and heroism, Amour tells the tale of Dusoleil, who longs for love and becomes the unwitting hero when he suddenly discovers he can walk through walls. He uses his powers to bring joy to the people of the 18th Arrondissement of Paris, as well as to woo Isabelle who is kept prisoner by her jealous husband. The whole story comes together to bring you a picture of 1950s Paris. You wouldn't believe what worlds can be created by just a dozen chairs and some umbrellas!

5. The wonderful cast

What would a show be without its amazing cast? Gary Tushaw as Dusoleil and Anna O'Byrne as Isabelle enchant us all with mastering their respective roles. But apart from the leads, special mention goes to Claire Machin, who steals the show with the two (very) different roles of 'Claire' and 'Whore' — we won't spoil anything, but an éclair comes into the mix!