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Cabaret with Eddie Redmayne, Jessie Buckley and Omari Douglas – first look

Make of these teasing images what you can

Omari Douglas and Jessie Buckley
© Marc Brenner

Three very intriguing production images have been released for Cabaret.

The new revival, directed by Rebecca Frecknall and led by Eddie Redmayne, Jessie Buckley and Omari Douglas, will feature an ensemble of performers who will be entertaining audiences from the moment they walk into the Playhouse Theatre, which has been specially adapted into the round.

Guests will receive a "club entry time", in order for them to be immersed in the space before the actual performance begins.

Alongside Redmayne (The Emcee), Buckley (Sally) and Douglas (Cliff) are Liza Sadovy as Fraulein Schneider, Elliot Levey as Herr Schultz, Stewart Clarke as Ernst Ludwig and Anna-Jane Casey as Fraulein Kost. The cast is completed by Josh Andrews, Emily Benjamin, Sally Frith, Matthew Gent, Emma Louise Jones, Ela Lisondra, Theo Maddix, Chris O'Mara, Daniel Perry, Andre Refig, Christopher Tendai, Bethany Terry, Lillie-Pearl Wildman and Sophie Maria Wojna.

Cabaret is playing now. You can see a greater number of less coy rehearsal images here.

Jessie Buckley
© Marc Brenner
Eddie Redmayne
© Marc Brenner