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What's in my dressing room? - Liverpool Everyman Rep Company

The newly formed rep company show us around their dressing room at the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse

Last year, the Everyman Theatre announced it would be returning to a repertory theatre model for the first time in 25 years. The company debuted in February with a production of Fiddler on the Roof, and as they gear up for their next show, The Story Giant, five cast members took us backstage at the theatre.

The Dressing Room Mirror

Tom Kanji: "Getting in to character."

The Aloe Vera

Richard Bremmer: "They are the healer of burns and a wonderful plant that I can't be without. This one was a gift from one of our designers, Jocelyn Meall."

The Dinosaur

Elliott Kingsley: "Owners take care of their pets."

The Two-Day Show Fuel

Asha Kingsley: "Preparation for a two show day."

The Dressers

Melanie La Barrie: "It takes a village."

The Story Giant runs at the Everyman and Playhouse until 29 April.