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Hello Bloggettes.

So its day two of the most horrendous Scottish weather for August ever. I just went out in my sowester and galoshes and still managed to come home with rain in my bra. But all is not lost; there is nothing more resilient and jolly than an Edinburgh punter. I am always shocked at how people, soaked to the bone and blue from the cold, smile as they bump umbrellas with each other and step out into the road only to find themselves knee deep like Dr Foster.

I am bundled up in my decidedly icy 80’s flat. Mac in one hand, extra shot latte in the other blogging away with Arthurs Seat as my backdrop.

Yesterday was a slow day for me. I slipped into Forest Café to meet my darling sister who is flyering for Nabokov (great show Young Pretender at Underbelly) for a chai and a chat. I have been suffering from the worst neck strain EVER so she, as a dancer, was giving me some advice. When who did I bump into but Alex, a lovely young Scotsman who I remember from last year who happens to run the massage corner in the hair salon at Forest. Well BAM! I was booked in for a 30 minute once over and boy did I come out walking on air. It’s a nice place, very cheap and probably the best massage you can get. If you are feeling the fringe aches and pains its highly recommended.

I didn’t see a single show but I did eat some lovely vegetarian food (I am not veggie myself but trying to at least counteract the doner kebab I eat in my show with only the purest of other foods during my stay!) at a little, highly decorated, place called Kalpna on Nicholson Street. The aubergine curry (very spicy) is to die for. Go, its run by a nice family and they do the best traditional carrot puddings.

I met an old friend who works at Zoo last night, he came to the show and we had a catch up in a little place called Reverie on Upper Clarke Street. It’s a posh pub with a silly complex menu but it had Rioca by the bucket load and a warm snug to rest my wet toes. I noticed that on every Tuesday of the fringe it has a Scottish Night. I was slightly perplexed about what this might be…

Nathan the chap I was with who is from East of Edinburgh said it should be a big dance up, a good Glasgow rock band and a lot of p**s taking banter, I said that sounded just the ticket but when we enquired at the bar it was a dinner of haggis and a selection of whiskies and some bagpipe mix tapes… for £40! We were asked if we wanted a ticket and we both shouted NO! (Thanks). I think a Dorset couple that work in marketing must own the pub.

I am trying to explore the city with people who know it really well as its hard to find some gems amongst the overpriced tat. Tonight I am a guest on Arthur Smith’s P**sed Up Chat Show, after that I am meeting some Norwich Poet types; maybe they can help me sniff out some tasty pubs and bars. MAYBE.

This weekend an old friend from London who is bang into contemporary dance is coming to stay and I am hitting Agnes and Walter, Gary Clarke, Jack Webb (@ Dance Base) and waiting for the Forest Fringe to crack open its doors to the public and for the Eat Your Heart Out (@ Assembly) to pull up on their anti-cabaret steeds for fun and japes.

Recommendations for today: Hannah Walker “The Oh Fuck Moment” Le Gateaux Chocolat @ assembly and Audience by Ontroerend Goed

Goodbye and good luck out there.

Bryony xx


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