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Not to show off or anything, but I've got a phone that takes pictures. Today, I'm going to show you what it has seen. The first thing it has seen is a pig in a pram:

What could be better than a pig in a pram? That's right - a pig in a pram in a bonnet. Win.

This next was at a box office.  The question is - which box office?

This next at a restaurant:

(I keep missing Coeliac Day!).

I rhyme about superheroes in the climax of the show, so it was nice to see one in a tree on the way to the Pleasance:

But it was peculiar to be flyering close to Pete from Big Brother:

The final sight of this Edinburgh tour is probably only of interest to me:

- when you're doing a show where you both eat a pack of Skittles yourself and give one to the audience every day, that is a very welcome sight.

It was a great show today. I feel that was about 50% due to me.


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