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Morgan & West: Moustaches and Mutton Chops

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen and a very warm welcome indeed to the second installment of Morgan & West on the interweb. Preparations for the Edinburgh Fringe are going marvelously thank you, I assure you that we are both thrilled to be returning to the 21st Centaury for more magic, mystery and whimsy.

Those of you who saw us last year may have noticed a change in our appearance. Mr West has decided to trade in his friendly muttons for a rather fetching Cavalier moustache and goatee arrangement whilst I have upgraded the mutton chops to a spiffing set of friendly muttons. We feel that new whiskers are the perfect way to open a new show. If anyone knows of a reliable and reputable supplier of moustache wax in this day and age, do let us know!

Tomorrow Mr. West joins me in Wales for a short spell as we press our frock coats, brush down our top hats and pack up our steamer trunks. Then off to Oxfordshire where we shall exercise our skills in legerdemain and misdirection. Weather permitting we may even manage this practise in the garden amongst the strawberries and rhubarb. Rest assured that we will keep you up to date with any exciting developments!

Kind regards,

Rhys West.

Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians - Gilded Balloon, 15.45, 4th - 29th Aug

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