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Inside The Cage - Ultimate Thriller

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The Cage. You cannot hear a pin drop. 15 years of touring to 22 countries, 44 Uk Theatres and I've never experienced such stillness and anticipation from an audience. They have no clue what is going to happen next. And they are riveted. We don't just feel this on stage, they tell us so afterwards. Thank you.

There are twists. Twists to the very nature of The Thriller genre itself. We are re-defining the genre of thriller in fact - do not expect the ordinary. I can't tell you because I'd have to shoot you - you just have to come and see it. Expect to be surprised. Expect to be unnerved and possibly even slightly intimidated. You'll be shocked and moved. Don't expect to hide in the audience and be the silent unnoticed viewer. Life is a stage and so is the auditorium itself. If you dont want to get involved - well, there is always stamp collecting.

Come and see The Cage.



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