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Inside The Cage - Latecomers

Okay so what's your plan when ten members of your audience pitch up five minutes into the show? I had three turn up late to The Cage but luckily they were carrying pints of beer and I managed to terrify them into not even taking a sip. Good. No - just kidding - we love you really. Almost as much as your mobile phones going off.

But seriously - the show I caught tonight - a fab two hander at the Assmebly - had some guy arriving late walk clean across the back of the set. He then sat like a naughty school boy wondering why 125 people were straring at him for the next ten minutes. Odd.

Anyway back to the Cage. Great show today. And what I really like is that the crew enjoyed it. Last night we had Tim (lighting) in and he loved it - today we had the lovely Julia (stage manager for the Queen Dome) and she had very nice things to say too. A good sign when your technical team enjoy. They have to sit through it night after night and when they say they are looking forward to seeing how it develops and changes you know you are on to a winner. Thank you guys. You rock.

So I'm happy. And to top it all I had a nice curry on the way home - a peshwari Nan the size of a small jet plane.

And that two hander. Imperial Fizz at the Assembly. 5.25pm. Great show done fantastically by Issy Van Renwick and David Calvito. Top stuff. Go check it out. 

Laters... I have to get sleep before a press launch bash tommorrow morning - no beer for me of course. I just get to watch. And I think I had too much rice...

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