Find Love Make Love Die

Pleasance Dome
4-30 August, 14.20

“Contains adult themes” warns the publicity. You could have fooled me.
From my seat (in perhaps the least comfortable space in Edinburgh)
this seemed like a well-meaning but juvenile mix of teenage angst and
zombie movie.

The angst is well drawn by the characters’ constant exchange of filmy
insults (“Don’t plaster your pants again, Spunky”, “We’re sitting
ducks!”) as four students lock themselves in a classroom to avoid
certain death by the teacher who’s been zombified outside the window.
It starts promisingly and there are touching moments later when they
are forced by circumstances to talk to each other. But, as in life, it
all goes wrong when the zombies arrive.

A decision on tone might have helped: zombie thriller (in which case
add lots of music and sound) or coming-of-age drama (in which case
pick a cleverer context for their isolation). The latter could have
really showcased their talents. At present, what could have been a
tasty meal is more of a light bite.

– Benet Catty