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Everyone’s been asking me, “Richard, it’s all so glamorous at Edinburgh - what’s it really like behind the scenes?” 

Well guys, it’s like this...

This is where I put my stuff.  You can see they’ve labelled it for me.  You can also see Snow Play invading (they’re on in the venue upstairs).  It’s appropriate, as the first work I did on Skittles after the initial Scratch piece was back at BAC in January 2010 when London was snowed up.  (Not that they know that, they’re just a bit untidy).

Now let's head backstage, where I wait while the audience come in.   When it’s time, I go behind a big felt curtain and Monty the operator pumps out Bernard Cribbins singing ‘My Resistance is Low.’  (It was supposed to be something else, but he doesn’t like it so he starts with Bernard now).  While I’m backstage, I face the Backstage Robot Monster:

(This photo is supposed to be vertical, I just can't work out how to do that).  (The green lights are at the top, if any WOS staff are reading this).

The Backstage Robot Monster, like many up here, is hoping for a career push from the Fringe, ideally Doctor Who.

Now let's step out of the theatre and turn left (don't go up the stairs, now) - this is where I recorded a podcast:

Who's the mystery figure in the toilet?  We will never know.

And this is the board in the Courtyard:

- that’s right, someone’s full.

Today, I saw three people wearing clothes I wear in the show.  It was quite weird.  Specially when a man noticed me staring at his trousers.  I told him if he comes to my show I'll give him some sweets.  It did not help.


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