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As we head closer to our last week, I think I should say a thing or two about the Lincoln Company and this year's achievements. In affiliation with the University of Lincoln, the Lincoln Company is made up of younger people with an education in Drama and/or Dance. Up-and-coming actors, dancers and technicians, we have worked tirelessly for months to be where we are now, and I have to say that the experience has proven fantastic.

Two four-star reviews (one for Blood Brothers and the other for Fear and Misery of the Third Reich) say it all. We have taken the preparation for this experience very seriously, along with the task of advertising and flyering our shows, but we've also been finding the Fringe very fun and exciting, and we've taken the time to explore a little!

For actors who are looking to bolster their resumés, I would highly recommend getting involved in a Fringe-bound show. The experience is so different and intense, and exemplifies dedication and drive.

If you're involved in a show at any of Edinburgh's C Venues, remember - using your C Pass, you can come and see Blood Brothers, Secret Window, Secret Garden OR Fear and Misery of the Third Reich absolutely free, so please take the time to come and see us.


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