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Union premieres F Scott Fitzgerald drama Save Me, 4 Sep

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Amid a spate of adaptations of The Great Gatsby following F Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel coming out of copyright, the Union Theatre is staging a rediscovered play charting the author's turbulent relationship with wife Zelda.

Running from 4 to 29 September 2012, Save Me is being brought to the stage for the first time.

According to press material, “In contrast to many of the Fitzgerald and Gatsby influenced pieces currently out, Save Me places equal, if not greater focus on Zelda's experience of the world and how their passion-fuelled relationship affected both her husband's writing and her own mental state.”

The action of the play is based around real events. As Zelda struggles to find her artistic identity in the shadow of her husband's success, her behaviour becomes more erratic and we are privy to the psychological traumas which saw her repeatedly institutionalised over the last 15 years of her life.

Celebrating the intense love that both nourishes and destroys them, the play “blurs fiction with reality through the hazy decadence of the Fitzgerald's lives”.

Save Me is produced by Spilt Milk Theatre, whose previous productions include Laughing Wild and Romeo and Juliet: The Lost Generation.


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