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Prince Handsome upsets a witch and is turned into The Beast, a spell only to be undone by true love. Belle is trapped in the Beast’s castle after her father makes a deal to escape and eventually falls for “the inner man” and releases the Beast from his spell.

Once upon a time, in the fairytale land of Auchterdreich, Inverclyde… the vain Prince Sebastian refused to marry the Witch Queen – Deadly Nightshade – who cursed him to live as a hideous beast unless he could find true love. When Dame Betty Blumenthal, her hapless boy Boabby and their best friend Belle arrive on holiday with nowhere to stay, the Beast’s trusty servant, old Angus McFungus, thinks that Belle might be the one to break the curse, and invites them up to the castle… whilst hoping to get aff with Betty! Will Nightshade be able to stop love blossoming? Will Belle discover the beauty in the Beast? Will the Beast learn some table manners and charm Belle? Will Angus be able to convince Betty that she should ‘Help The Aged’? And will Betty and Boabby cause havoc wherever they go? Oh yes they will! Join our evil witch, our cursed prince, our fairytale princess, our dopey dame, her silly son and a castle full of enchanted prisoners on a roller coaster ride of thrills and spills, to cheer the goodies and boo the baddies and discover if true love will win the day in time to defeat the curse.

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Dates: Opening Night: 08 December 2023 Final Performance: 31 December 2023
Location: Beacon Arts Centre (formerly Arts Guild Theatre), Greenock

Campbell Street,


PA15 1HJ

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