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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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BAZ Productions, in search of something new, has created their own show, based on the timeless question of what occurred before the notorious Trojan War. And since this show is based on long-form improvisation exercise, there are a lot of elements within that wouldn’t be found anywhere else.

Similar to long-form, the beginning and ending of scenes are indicated by the actors at certain moments, and there are no major costume or set changes; everything is treated like a blank slate. However, like a scripted show, all the characters have been previously determined, and indicated by specific props. Also there is obviously a very clear plot-line the actors and production team have crafted to follow.

While it is a clever story, based on an intriguing thought-process by researchers, one must be familiar with improvisation techniques it took to create the show in order to fully appreciate the work of it. To any unfamiliar audience, it may come off as jarring. But the acting is well-done, the research of the story was thorough, and the ancient characters are translated to modern figures in very clever ways.

- Katherine Boone


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