What are the most-streamed Broadway musical albums on Spotify?

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A new study has revealed the ten most-streamed, currently running Broadway musical albums on Spotify.

The list was comprised by KingCasinoBonus according to the play count for each official cast recording and the albums were then sorted from the highest to the lowest average streams per song.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton took the top spot with over 6.4 billion Spotify streams and approx. 145 million average plays per song, followed by Six in second place with over 500 million streams for “only” nine songs.

Wicked came in at third place with over 739 million streams and 27 million average streams per song, with the wooden spoon going to The Book of Mormon ahead of Hadestown in fifth place.

The Lion King, Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Aladdin, & Juliet, and Back to the Future occupy positions six to ten in the list, which can be viewed in more detail below.


Musical Number of songs Total streams Average streams per song Rank
Hamilton 44 6,405,637,764 145,582,676.45 1
Six 9 500,433,898 55,603,766.44 2
Wicked 27 739,802,251 27,400,083.37 3
The Book of Mormon 16 265,131,340 16,570,708.75 4
Hadestown 37 352,084,779 9,515,804.84 5
The Lion King 20 173,787,534 8,689,376.70 6
Moulin Rouge! The Musical 19 105,582,977 5,556,998.79 7
Aladdin 20 81,601,891 4,080,094.55 8
& Juliet 29 23,344,228 804,973.38 9
Back to the Future 25 11,058,830 442,353.20 10

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