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Ten best moments of Magic Goes Wrong so far

We asked ”Magic Goes Wrong” to highlight ten spellbinding moments that will catapult this show to the top of your must-see list!

© Robert Day
Mischief Theatre's takeover of the West End continues with new comedy caper, Magic Goes Wrong. Co-written with magical legends Penn and Teller, the show follows a hapless group of magicians as they try (and often fail) to put on a successful charity magic gala.

Here are some of Magic Goes Wrong's highlights (and lowlights!) so far to convince you why you should get it right and buy a ticket…

© Robert Day

1. Penn and Teller co-create a mischievous magic show

This list can't start without them, mainly because the show was co-created by them! These legends of magic have co-written Magic Goes Wrong and helped the cast hone their illusion skills, even popping in some of their well-known own tricks – bet you can't guess which!

Penn Jillette on The Jonathan Ross Show
Penn Jillette on The Jonathan Ross Show
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2. Bringing back the OG Mischief cast

The original Mischief gang are back! Last year, Henry Lewis, Henry Shields and Jonathan Sayer (the writers and creators of Mischief), reunited as they returned to the stage with a brand new set of shows for the first time since 2016. Starting the run with Groan Ups, the talented trio came back once more for Magic Goes Wrong, as the Mind Mangler, Sophisticato and Mickey respectively.

But that's not all! Also joining them are other original Mischief members: Dave Hearn as The Blade, Nancy Zamit as Bear and Bryony Corrigan as Spitzmaus!

© Robert Day

3. Previews at the Lowry

Before making magic in the West End, the hapless tricksters performed previews of Magic Goes Wrong at The Lowry in Manchester. Audiences were treated to a first-look at the show, and demand was high, with all performances completely sold out!

© Robert Day

4. First day of rehearsals

Once the Mischief makers returned from Manchester, it was straight back into rehearsals as they refined, tweaked and practiced the show, ready for their West End opening.

Nothing beats the excitement of the first day of rehearsals, when the whole cast and crew come together for the first time!

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5. 12 days of Mischief

As Magic Goes Wrong previews began in the West End, two of the show's cast, Henry Lewis and Dave Hearn, treated us to a pre-Christmas present with the "12 Days of Mischief".

A unique and mischievous spin on the classic song which included every Mischief show, Magic Goes Wrong got involved by losing two doves and having eight magic mishaps! Very festive!

6. Opening night!

Magic Goes Wrong's opening night went off without a hitch (sort of), with guests including Stephen Fry, Alistair McGowan, Armando Iannucci, Jeremy Vine, Arlene Phillips, and the magical master himself, Penn Jillette, all coming to support the amateur magicians on their big night.

7. It's better than Cats

Magic Goes Wrong received fantastic rave reviews after its opening night. It was described as a, "spellbinding romp by the masters of mischief" (Daily Mail), "joyously silly and entirely wonderful" (Stephen Fry) and "executed with love, determination and skill" (The Times).

But the best quote came from Armando Iannucci, who described it as "better than Cats". High praise indeed!

8. When special guests paid a visit!

There's been some fantastic VIPs coming to support the magicians since they opened on the West End. Special guests who showed their support for the show have included Matt Lucas, Stephen Fry, Chris Addison, Jeremy Vine, David Baddiel, Armando Iannucci, Rob Houchen, Killian Donnelly, Arlene Phillips, Jenni Falconer, Nigel Planer, Joe Tracini and of course, the co-creator himself, Penn Jillette…

…Although Reece Shearsmith may have been a cast favourite, as he bought them an entire box of chocolates as a congratulations!

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9. A proposal that goes right

It's not often that something goes right on a Mischief stage, but luckily for this happy couple, it did! James and Iona are huge Mischief fans and have seen all of their other shows, so when James wanted to propose, it was only right that the Mischief troupe gave him a helping hand!

Congratulations to the happy couple! May your future be mischievous and never go wrong!

10. Extension announcement

Most magicians would want their disappearing act to go right, but not these tricksters! Magic Goes Wrong extended and is now booking until August. So if you haven't booked your tickets yet, it's not too late!

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