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Romeo and Juliet with Tom Holland announces £25 ticket scheme details

The show opens next month

Francesca Amewudah-Rivers and Tom Holland, photos by Johan Persson and Isaac Anthony

On top of announcing full casting, Jamie Lloyd’s imminent revival of Romeo and Juliet starring Tom Holland has confirmed plans for its £25 ticket scheme.

Across the limited run at the Duke of York’s Theatre, 5000 tickets will be available for under 30s, key workers and those receiving government benefits. Tickets have been allocated for all tiers of the auditorium (including the front row) for dates across the run.

Seats will be on sale from Wednesday 10 April from 10am. Bookers will be able to pick up a maximum of two tickets, with both ticket holders fitting the booking criteria. “Under 30s” are classed as those who are 30 or younger on the date of their performance, while key workers are those who are eligible for or holding a Blue Light Card, while those receiving government benefits are classed as anyone in receipt of universal credit.

ID will be checked upon entry for anyone who has obtained tickets (including any ID card, Blue Light Card or documentation regarding universal credit status).

The text has been edited by Nima Taleghani. Soutra Gilmour takes charge of both set and costume design, while Jon Clark handles the lighting design. Ben and Max Ringham are responsible for the sound design, with Nathan Amzi and Joe Ransom overseeing video design and cinematography. Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante serves as the composer, while Stuart Burt CDG manages the casting.

Sarah Golding and Yukiko Masui (SAY) contribute as movement directors, with Ingrid Mackinnon as the intimacy coordinator. Jonathan Glew is the associate director, supported by Rachel Wingate as associate designer and Anna Josephs as associate costume designer.

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