My Top SIX Showtunes: Aimee Atkinson

The actress tells us the musical numbers she couldn’t live without

Aimee Atkinson
Aimee Atkinson

Aimee Atkinson's stage credits include In the Heights, Never Forget and Carnaby Street.

She is currently starring in Six the Musical, which runs at the Edinburgh Fringe before transferring to the Arts Theatre, London from 30 August.

We caught up with Aimee and asked her: "If you were stranded on a desert island which SIX (naturally) showtunes could you not live without?"

1. "I Have A Love (A Boy Like That)" from West Side Story

West Side Story is my all time favourite musical. It was one of the first musicals I performed as a child and I completely fell in love with the score. Every day after school I would run home to watch the movie on repeat and when it got to "I Have a Love (A Boy Like That)" I would just keep rewinding it and taking it in turns to play both Anita and Maria. The anguish of Anita's "A Boy Like That" with the contrast of Maria's heartfelt plea in I Have a Love is musical theatre perfection.

2. "Carnaval Del Barrio" from In The Heights

In the Heights holds a very special place in my heart. Covered in goosebumps as I sat and watched the cast at the King's Cross Theatre, I just remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the actors on the stage and the passion that they were emitting whilst belting this anthem out. I never dreamed that a year later I would be up there with them screaming "Carnaval Del Barrio" at the top of my lungs. Night after night this song still felt fresh and you could actually feel the energy pulsating around the theatre. Lin-Manuel, as we all know, is an absolute genius but this song has to be my favourite. When I listen to it I feel like anything is possible, full of excitement and hope, its pure elation!

3. "Nobody's Side" from Chess

This has to be one of the best written musical theatre songs of all time. The lyrics, the music, the arrangement are so exquisitely married together, it's theatrical bliss. Can you ever truly know someone? Trust someone completely? Oh and we've got to spare a thought for the legend Julia Murney belting out that crazy note at the end.

4. "Do It Alone Leo" from Parade

You cannot silence her anymore, she has to be heard! "Do It Alone Leo" is the ultimate 'women will no longer stand in the shadows of men' torch song. Always on the sidelines, Lucille Frank has been the subservient wife, well not after this belty number. I love Carolee Carmello's guttural rendition.

5. "Loose Ends" from Witches Of Eastwick

Not only is the melody stunning I love the narrative – we've all got things we haven't dealt with. We push them to the back of our minds hoping they will just disappear over time. However, they seem to always come back into our lives, until the day when we can truly let them go and get over them. Maria Friedman's performance on the London cast recording makes me cry every time.

6. "Past The Point of No Return" from Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera was the first musical I ever saw, my mum took me for my 13th birthday and as soon as the overture began I burst into tears of joy. Watching the show I was completely mesmerised and as we ran for our train afterwards all I could think about was, how can I do that? I knew then that I wanted to be in musical theatre. "Past The Point Of No Return" is my favourite song from the show – there are so many layers to it.