Dream casting: Pretty Woman the Musical

With the news that Jerry Mitchell is preparing to take his musical adaptation of ”Pretty Woman” to Broadway, we choose our ideal cast for the show

The news that Jerry Mitchell is preparing to take a musical adaptation of Pretty Woman to Broadway in 2018/2019 means we decided to work out who would be perfect for those classic roles.

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Vivian Ward – Caissie Levy

© Right: David Gordon

Caissie Levy's excellent curls ring more than a little true of the original actresses, Julia Roberts, and she'd be able to knock any power ballad out of the park. The only slight snag is that the Canadian actress is probably going to be a bit tied up for the foreseeable future as Elsa in Frozen on Broadway.

Edward Lewis – Michael Xavier

© Right Dan Wooller

Suave, sophisticated and gorgeous, we think Michael Xavier is a shoo-in for the part of the high-flying businessman originally played by Richard Gere in Garry Marshall's film.

Kit De Luca – Victoria Hamilton-Barritt

© Right: Dan Wooller

Just look at them! We love the firecracker, wise-cracking Kit De Luca and Victoria Hamilton-Barritt is the perfect Brit embodiment of the role. Make this happen, Jerry.

Jason Alexander – Rory Kinnear

© Right: Dan Wooller

So we know the character of Jason Alexander – Edward Lewis' lawyer – wasn't all that nice, and Rory Kinnear definitely is, but we think Rory could rock the bad guy. Remember his Mack the Knife? Surely it was just a warm up for this.

Barney Thompson – Stanley Tucci

© Right Dan Wooller

The lovely hotel manager Barney Thompson is Vivian Ward's quiet guardian angel in the film and that's basically how we think of the great Stanley Tucci. Perfect.