The Watermill Theatre|Charlie Russell,Charlie Russell ,Corey Montague-Sholay ,Harry Kershaw ,Kim Ismay ,George Howard ,Jade May Lin |RJG Productions,The Watermill,Katie-Ann McDonough,Yshani Perinanayagam,Yshani Perinanayagam,HJB Casting (casting),Sophia Pardon,Sophia Pardon,David Howe,Thomas Andre Wasley,Hannah Gilbert (costume supervisor) […]

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The Watermill Theatre|Matt Rawle ,Monique Young ,Penny Ashmore ,Fergus Rattigan ,Tania Mathurin ,Emma Jane Morton ,Tom Sowinski ,Tom Sterling ,Josh Barnett ,Charis Alexandra ,Jessica Jolleys ,Elena Bluck ,Kaine Hatukai ,Laura Sillett ,Kiera Brunton ,Dan Holland ,Emily Odunsi ,Andre Rodrigues |Watermill Theatre,Jonathan O’Boyle,Oti Mabuse,George Dyer (musical supervisor/orchestrator),Lee Newby,Lee Newby,Jai Morjaria,Amy Panter (circus director),Matt Nicholson (associate choreographer),Sofia […]

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Much Ado About Nothing

The Watermill Theatre|Katherine Jack ,James Mack ,Thuliswa Magwaza ,Fred Double ,Patrick Bridgman ,Hayden Wood ,Emma Barclay ,Leigh Quinn ,Priscille Grace ,Augustina Seymour ,Jack Quarton |Tom Wentworth,Watermill Ensemble,Paul Hart,Ceci Calf,Robin Colyer,Robin Colyer,Charly Dunford,Sofia Galluci (assistant) […]

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Beauty and the Beast

Corn Exchange|Chloe Gentles ,Nathan Shaw ,Robbie Noonan ,Jade Johnson ,Jenny Perry ,Lois Elizabeth Glenister ,Graham Mackay-Bruce ,Abby Fell,Harry Warburton,Scott Hayward|Clare Plested,Adam Brown,Amanda Wilsher,Clare Plested,Adam Brown,Amanda Wilsher,Mark Walters,Holly Hughes,James Keay (music supervisor),Ben Barrow,Guy Dickens,Vicky Allen,Nathan Smith […]

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