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Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion to be adapted for the stage

The biologist's bestselling book will run as part of Chorlton Arts Festival

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Richard Dawkins
© Creative Commons/ S Pakhrin from DC, USA

The God Delusion, the bestselling work by eminent evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, is to be adapted for the stage.

The piece is to run as part of the Chorlton Arts Festival and will be adapted by Thomas Moore.

Non-fiction book The God Delusion was originally published in 2006 and in it Dawkins argues that a supernatural creator – God – does not exist.

Moore said of the production: "It is a light-hearted journey through the sound reasoning that the book so brilliantly details. It's somewhere between an atheist support group and watching a great stand up comedian. We hope that when people leave the show they feel changed."

Dawkins said: "I'm thrilled to see The God Delusion come to life on stage for the first time and for the message of the book to be given a new lease of life in this exciting way, it's going to be a treat for audiences."

The God Delusion runs as part of Chorlton Arts Festival from 18 to 26 May.