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LIoyd Eyre-Morgan's Beyond the Park set for Three Minute Theatre, 17 July

Following ''Celluloid'' and ''Dream On'', the young writer brings a new LGBT story to the stage.

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Since staging his first two plays, LIoyd Eyre-Morgan's work has been adapted to film and he has also written a new piece of work for the stage - his first in two years.

Beyond the Park

Beyond the Park is at the Three Minute Theatre from 17 - 19 July and it's a tale of two people drawn together by dysfunction.

We follow two boys who form a connection in a park as children and escape there dysfunctional lives at home. One night the boys both run from terrible events in their homes and experience a night they will never forget. Ten years later they meet again and fall in love.

The play features Lee Lomas, Chris Mawson, Rebecca-Clare Evans, Julie Hannon Parton, Gracie Kelly and Gareth Dowd and it's written and directed by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan.