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Where's Joey? 9 places everyone's favourite horse has been spotted

The world's most famous horse certainly gets around a bit

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As we sit in our office and look out at the rain, we can only dream for a life akin to that much travelled star of London theatre, no not Stephen Fry, Joey from War Horse.

So, ahead of the live broadcast of the National Theatre's multi-award-winning production of War Horse (27 February), here's some of the places Joey has been spotted.

1. Nothing like a trip to Edinburgh Castle to stirrup the emotions.

© National Theatre

2. After a cold winter, Joey decided he mustang out with the Aussies down under.

© Global Creatures

3. It stopped reining long enough to check out the Angel of the North.

© Dirk Van Der Werff / Eggshell Blue

4. Joey prefers Corrie to Neighbours.

© Ben Blackall

5. At Wembley to see Mane United.

© Karl Westworth

6. Joey looks anxious getting on the London Eye, but no need to worry, it's very stable and he won't be up there furlong.

© Ellie Kurttz

7. Getting in some colture at the V&A Museum.

8. Meeting Her Marejesty.

© westernmorningnews.co.uk

9. In Iddesleigh where he was barn.

The live broadcast of War Horse takes place on 27 February, for a full list of UK and international venues and ticket information visit www.ntlive.com