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Punchdrunk: An immersive musical is definitely on the list

Which one should they tackle?

Yilin Kong and Steven James Apicello
(© Julian Abrams)

Heard it here first, folks – Punchdrunk want to make an immersive musical!

Chatting to directors Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle on set at their epic new play The Burnt City (which is currently in previews and has just announced an extension to December 2022), the pair revealed their hopes for the future when asked about new plans.

Barrett was quick off the mark, stating: "I'd like to do a musical! But which one is something for us to discover once we've opened The Burnt City... In the same way we love to deconstruct a text, or deconstruct a play, to do that with something with musicality within it would be pushing our own practice, and would be very exciting."

Andrea Carrucciu and Dafni Krazoudi
(© Julian Abrams)

Immersive musicals are seemingly in vogue right now – Cabaret in the West End has an immersive "prologue" section underneath the Kit Kat Club, while over in Barcelona an immersive production of Tony Award-winning Next to Normal is due to run later this year.

Doyle added: "It's definitely on the list – an immersive musical. We're committed to moving the audience around, surprising our audience and surprising ourselves.

The show has also released a range of new production images as its eagerly anticipated mammoth show continues its run in Woolwich.

Which musical should the team tackle?

Vinicius Salles, Omagbitse Omagbemi, Andrea Carrucciu
(© Julian Abrams)