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8 ways to improve movie titles with theatre

With the BAFTAs being announced on Sunday, we considered how theatre could improve movies for a bit of Friday fun

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Batman Biggins

From Kilmer to Keaton, Bale to... Biggins. The people of Gotham City need not worry with everyone's favourite dame at hand.


What could make one of our favourite Christmas films better? A bit of "Defying Gravity" of course.

The Lord Webber of the Rings

Stephen Ward my precious...

City of Godot

Following their widely publicised bromance in New York whilst playing in Waiting for Godot, the pair reunite for a sequel set in 1970's Rio de Janeiro.

The Usual Strallens

A show isn't worth seeing if it doesn't have one of the Strallen sisters in it nowadays. Getting them all together in one big flick with Scarlett as Keyser Soze would guarantee Academy Awards... maybe.

2001: A Spacey Odyssey

Seeing as the Strallen's stole his film, we had to find another job for the Old Vic director. Following his departure from the South London venue, we thought he may wish to spend some time out somewhere a little quieter, like space.

The David Hunter

This just looks cool. Plus this film has always needed a guitar solo.

Star Wars: A New Danielle Hope

If Bill Kenwright got his hands on this franchise you know she would be first choice for Leia.