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Five Reasons to See... Socrates and His Clouds

A new play from William Lyons inspired by Aristophanes, Socrates and His Clouds runs at the Jermyn Street Theatre from tonight (4 June 2013) until 22 June 2013. Here the company give us five reasons to see the show...

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1. For the prophetic plot
A modern retelling of Aristophanes' Clouds  - two and a half millennia old - by award-winning playwright William Lyons, the play is about Strepsiades; a desperate Greek in search of a rescue package which will get him out of horrible, debilitating debt. No, really.

2. For the toe-tapping tunes
A chorus of Sexy Ladies (or Scary Fates, depending on your point of view) belting out fabulous original songs written by Olivios Karaolides and choreographed by Sandra Maturana. Don't think of it as a musical, though. Think of it as a punch in the face with harmony.

3. For Socrates
Meet one of the greatest historical figures at his Academy (the original Academy, not one of Gove's) and hear what he thinks about the world, politics, education, personal hygiene, Homer, religion and caves. Drunk, in a bath. Which is the only way to meet any great historical figure, really.

4. For the laughs
I can confidently say that this is the only show in town which combines philosophy with fart jokes and politics with penis gags. As director Melina Theocharidou keeps telling us, "it is what Uncle Aristophanes would have wanted".

5. For the amazing 3D*
You will think you can reach out and touch us!!! *Okay, so all theatre is in amazing 3D and with no need for the silly headache-inducing glasses. But Jermyn Street Theatre is such a fabulously intimate venue, you can actually reach out and touch us.