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My Perfect Mind (Tour - Liverpool)

Janie Phillips is blown away by Told by an Idiot's My Perfect Mind.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
My Perfect Mind

Told by an Idiot Theatre Company are no strangers to the Unity Theatre, having toured here for the past twenty years. Therefore, it seems quite fitting that they should stop by on their current tour with My Perfect Mind, a play that celebrates their twenty-first anniversary as one of the UK's most inventive touring companies.

The piece is about Edward Petherbridge an acclaimed classical actor, who when rehearsing for the role of King Lear has a stroke which leaves him barely able to move. His chances of ever playing the great King now gone, whilst recovering Edward discovers that the entire role of Lear still exists word for word in his head. The play explores how resilient the human mind can be, even if it is through the prism of Shakespeare's great tragedy.

The set plays an integral role in this show, designed by Michael Vale. A platform that is tilted, so that chairs and books and indeed the odd actor can be seen sliding down stage left, to make their noisy exit onto the floor. However you get the impression as the show goes on, that everything that has been designed has been done so to create as much chaos and fun as possible.

The two performers causing the chaos are Paul Hunter and Edward Petherbridge, both brilliant together and clearly enjoying the mayhem as much as the audience.

This show might only be ninety minutes long but it certainly packs a lot in. Hunter plays all the characters that Petherbridge meets and delivers the comedy superbly. These two are comfortable together which allows for a little ad-libbing here and there, a few topical references and mentions of local places are also thrown in.

This is a very funny show directed beautifully by Kathryn Hunter, and the inclusion of the crazy set and bizarre props only adds to the fragmented story of Petherbridge's mind.

This is a larger than life show, achingly funny at times and brings together all that a night out at the theatre should be. With a clever script and set design and two wonderful actors that lead you through ninety minutes of sheer joy and merriment, My Perfect Mind is a must see.

My Perfect Mind is at the Unity Theatre until 25 October.