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Tom Rosenthal: Child of Privilege

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Tom Rosenthal couldn't have known he would be performing his Edinburgh show Child of Privilege as London got looted by the children of the not-so-privileged. Not that it would have changed his material. Because the point of this hugely confident debut isn't to have a serious discussion about the haves and have-nots, simply to appear to do so in a bid for awards glory.

Rosenthal tables his masterplan from the start, showing off his 2009 Student Comedy Award and explaining that the room has been divided in two, Big Brother 3 style, half of us receiving butler service and cushions embroidered with his monogram, the other half not.

He goes on to debunk his own privilege - being the son of a famous sports presenter - by mercilessly mocking his dad's punditry and recent legal spat with Heston Blumenthal, aka 'The Battle of The Enthals'. Also covered: Rosenthal Jnr's posh education, his common ground with Peaches Geldof and, in a short introduction to logic theory, his philosophy degree. Lest we forget why we're here, he footnotes it all back to his aim - AWARDS!! - showing his working even on the obligatory parody of Stewart Lee (a comic known for showing his working).

It's a risky strategy and logically speaking, a mobius strip. Rosenthal doesn't need plaudits - he already has the Royal Court and Channel 4 on his CV. But who is he kidding? Of course he'd like to win - and still might, for a show that's both charmingly accessible and intelligent beyond his 23 years. But why be clever-clever when plain young clever will do?


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