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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Jesus (not his real name) is here to talk about his best friend, Smiler. It took a little while for the pair to understand each other due to Smiler's speech defect and Jesus's initial awkwardness around Smiler's disability, but now the two are inseparable.

Jesus recounts the story of their friendship in rhyming verse and the poetry feels natural in the mouth of writer and performer, Richard Fry. It is only Fry’s occasional forays into the realm of glibness – a consequence of an overly dutiful adherence to the rhyme scheme – that disturbs the flow of the piece.

Fry's performance is disarmingly honest and committed - Smiler was inspired by the actor’s real life friendship with a young man living with a head injury, and the truth of his feeling is palpable.

Where many one-person plays are merely plot-free character studies, this piece has proper narrative drive and the capacity to surprise its audience. Fry makes a couple of strange choices – Jesus’s back story feels like it has been crow-barred in for no discernable reason – but overall Smiler hits the mark.


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