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Shlomo: Mouthtronica

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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World Loop Station Champion and youthful beatboxer extraordinaire Shlomo brings his first theatre-style show to the Edinburgh Fringe with what he describes as “an evening of loud music and polite conversation”.

He seems a genuinely nice guy, too. After demonstrating to us the ten basic tools of beatboxing for the benefit of the people who think he is performing some sort of sorcery with that microphone, he then brings the elements together – and rubs a big chunk of artistry on it to envelop the room in a thumping bass-driven techno storm.

As you find yourself wondering how it's possible for that sound to come out of a human being he moves on to a tableau centring on his Iraqi-Jewish grandparents: systematically bringing the room alive with ethnic beats and sounds into a party atmosphere as he reminisces about childhood.

Known for his Music Through Unconventional Means collaboration series at London's Southbank Centre, Shlomo is also using the opportunity to work with other Fringe acts nightly – on this occasion, a freestyle Eurhythmics-inspired piece with The Segue Sisters.

Whilst no master raconteur, Shlomo's naïve charm gets him through capably enough to blow minds with awesome beatboxing talent - proving also that he's no one-trick pony.

- Jason B Standing


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