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Oedipus: A Love Story

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Do not expect to slip into this show unnoticed. You're sure to be accosted by a sheep - or several sheep in fact - as you take to your seat. Indeed, before the performance begins said sheep make you feel quite at home as they introduce you to other audience members.

At this point, I should make it clear that the sheep are only hand puppets, but they do pave the way for a playful and enjoyable retelling of an enduring myth.

In a small space and with few props, this comic foursome take on the tragedy of Oedipus with energy and vigour. They enliven an old tale through their creative interpretation of character; making the Oracle a befuddled old DJ and turning King Laius into a 1950’s rocker.

Greek myths are a popular choice for performers at the Edinburgh Fringe (as their familiarity tends to ensure an audience), but this one truly is a lively, novel take on a classic that will compel you to look at an old twisted love story anew.

- Charlotte Pegram


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